• Mozzarella Cheese

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    Mozzarella Cheese

    Impero Mozzarella Cheese makes every kitchen voyage a breeze. The cheese is easy to slice and mold to meet your culinary heart's desire. Perfect for hot or oven-baked dishes, tasty Italian pizzas and baked pastas, Impero mozzarella cheese adds adventure to every meal.

  • Fresh Mozzarella

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    Fresh Mozzarella

    Impero Fresh Mozzarella is the highlight of our Impero family with it's sumptuous porcelain-white color, spherical shape, and thin, glossy, edible rind. Made from either cow or buffalo milk, it's springy texture and faint mossy smell are reminiscent of the humid grazing fields of Italy. A prime example of the real Mozzarella, this sublime delicacy has a pleasantly sour taste that reflects it's high-quality roots.

  • Sour Cream

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    Sour Cream

    Usually used as a condiment, Impero Sour Cream is the traditional topping for baked potatoes. Add it to the recipe of your cakes, cookies and doughnuts to make your delicacies creamier. Enjoy Impero Sour Cream as the base for your salad dressings or even as a dessert, with fruits or berries and sugar topping.

  • Pizza Cheese

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    Pizza Cheese

    Especially designed for pizzas, Impero Pizza Cheese has a very soft texture. Impero pizza cheese is recommended for American Style Pizza. Club it with your favourite ingredients, and watch it melt perfectly in either electric or stone ovens. Impero Pizza Cheese is simple to grate and shred, for the Cheese Lover in you!

  • Mascarpone

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    Tiramisu, need we say more? As a vital ingredient for this classic dessert, the premium quality of Impero Mascarpone will live up to your dreams. This creamy cheese originated in the region of Milan. Like it's fashion-centric homeland, Impero Mascarpone enjoys being dressed up and savoured as a delicious flavour all on it's own.

  • Ricotta

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    Impero Ricotta: the king of fillings! Indeed, the hand-made texture and fresh flavour of Impero Ricotta deliver an exceptionally smooth taste. Cheesecake and cannoli both owe their popularity to this classic cheese, which also serves as a simple, fresh dessert mixed with sugar, cinnamon or chocolate.

  • Bocconcini

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    As a mini version of the famous cow or buffalo mozzarella, Impero Bocconcini's versatility is unsurpassed. Try it as a simple refreshing snack of an elaborate decorative accessory. Combine Impero Bocconcini with tomato slices, fresh basil and a little olive oil for a light and flavourful appetiser. Or add it to salad for a creative meal.

  • Scamorzae

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    Impero Scamorza offers a tasty alternative to classic mozzarella. Molded into unique pear shapes by artisan cheese makers, it's smoky flavour and distinct texture provide multi-purpose flexibility in the kitchen. Impero Scamorza melts fluidly into pasta dishes and superbly compliments your favourite vegetables on the grill.